Graphic Sound 2019 International Contest


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Graphic Sound 2019 International Contest is organized by "Seeyousound" and "Torino Graphic Days".

Last date of entry

31th May 2019

Who may participant

The Graphic Sound 2019 International Contest is open to musicians, composers, djs, producers, motion designers, graphic designers, visual designers.


All nationalities will be accepted


Seeyousound and Torino Graphic Days are launching an international call to sound and the graphic designers for the creation of an audio video performance that will last a maximum of 15 minutes. Participation is free and contributions from all nationalities will be accepted. The candidates can participate either single or in group and send a maximum of three projects.

In the case of group participation, the members of the group must nominate a group leader who will be fully responsible towards the organizers.


Participants must send by email to the address: in the format .mov o .mp4 within and no later than 31st May 2019 the following items:

  1. A musical and graphic production is requested for a video that lasts for a minimum duration of 5 minutes and maximum of 15 minutes,
  2. a curriculum and a link (Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp) with at least two unpublished audio/video tracks representing their project,
  3. For the musical part there are no limits to creativity and it is possible to use any kind of instrument (computer, synthesizers and musical instruments) on the condition that it is the same performer who gives the live performance. RULES AND TIME LIMITS.


  1. First classified: 800€,
  2. Second classified: 500€,
  3. Third classified: 200€,

The three artists who are selected will have the possibility to participate with a live exhibition at the fourth edition of the festival “Torino Graphic Days”.

Entry fees

Competition is free to enter.

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