Transversalities 2019(Photography Without Borders)

Transversalities Photography Contest 2019

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The Transversalities 2019 Competition is organized by The Centro de Estudos Ibéricos (CEI).

Last date of entry

April 30, 2019

Who may participant

The contest is open to anyone in the world.


Any place in the world.


The Themes of the competition is "The pictures collected under this contest should portray the diversity of territories, societies and cultures of different continents in order to allow crossed looks on the changes which are taking place in different parts of the world, show different styles of social organization and space, capture signs of continuity and change, archaisms and innovations that manifest themselves in the most populous cities or rural areas, located in the most remote and distant and areas, which are facing depopulation. The interpretation of the natural, economic, social and cultural landscapes validated in photos will make them an important component of territorial cooperation, as they are valuable resources of promoting the inclusion of remote and less visible regions."

Conditions of Entry:

  1. Each candidate may only submit one portfolio with six (6) photos about a single subject of the contest
  2. Entries send the photos in digital format, JPG type [file high quality compression (9)], for the email address In order to upload files larger than 20MB, send through the that the pictures are originals,
  3. Entries Contestants must only send a single file - type zip or rar- which should contain all the contest photos,
  4. The Competition photos must have a screen resolution of 72 dpi and size (W * or H) from 2000 to 2500 pixels (horizontal* or vertical, according to the angle of the photo)


  1. Landscapes, biodiversity and natural heritage,
  2. Rural areas, agriculture and settlement,
  3. The city and the urbanization process,
  4. Culture and society: cultural diversity and social inclusion.
Competition Regulation 2019.

Entry fees

Competition is free to enter.


  • Overall Winner (1) will receive 1500 €.
  • The Contest Winner of each theme (4) for the best and most complete portfolio will receive 750 €.
  • The Honorable jury will also award up to 12 portfolios, being each one awarded with 150 €.

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