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The Shera Rondhonshilpi 2019 is Title Sponsor by Meizan Fortified Palm Olein, Premier Sponsor by Omera LPG, and Award Partner by Emirates.

Last date of entry

15th, December 2019

Who may participant

The Shera Rondhonshilpi is open to any Bangladeshi Citizens, Housewifes, and Chef.




Details, Terms & Condition, Address of Recipie Submit of Cooking Competition in Bangladesh:

Regions of Rondhonshilpi

Meizan Palm Olein Shera Rondhonshilpi will be select as (4) Local Regions:

  • Dhaka - Mymensingh Division,
  • Chittagong - Sylhet Division,
  • Khulna - Borisal Division,
  • Rangpur - Rajshahi Division,

Newspaper Source

The Daily Bangladesh Prothom Alo, Date: 11/12/2019.

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Commercial Articles

Cooking Contest in Bangladesh (This article does not match the above)

Yes, I am talking about Bangladeshi cooking food. No matter where the Bengalis live in the world, the taste of food in their own country is as nectar to them. That is why in Canada, in the temperature of -35 degrees, sitting in the snow in almost every Bengali home, khichdi and meat bones are mounted. Friends from Boston sent photos outside, it was snowing outside, the office announced the holiday, and they lined up on the occasion with sour cream, egg yolks, eggplant fries, potato copies, and ghee in Bikrampur. In her language, living abroad is ok but the mind gets peace without the native food.

Registration has begun on the TV reality show 'The best cooking contest 2019', to showcase the dignified culinary talent spread across the country. Registration will have to be sent by 15, December to enter the contestant's name, passport size picture, department name with full contact address and information. Each entry must contain a recipe (serving up to four adults) of Bangladeshi main dish. One contestant can send multiple entries.

Sponsored by Travel Monitor and the private TV channel ATN Bangla Reality Show, sponsored by 'Mizan' fortified Palm Olin by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council and Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited. The reality show will be aired in three episodes a week from the third week of August.

Competitors from all 8 divisions will participate in the competition from all four regions. Based on the recipes, an experienced jury committee will invite up to 4 contestants from each region to participate in the reality show. The best competitors will have the opportunity to participate in the next episodes considering culinary and environmental, nutritional and other considerations. After the elimination of the various episodes, the remaining 4 contestants will compete on different themes in the last 3 episodes. The winners will be announced at the Gala Round.

The best cooking competition award will be Tk. 3 lakh in cash, a Dhaka-Dubai-Dhaka air ticket for both. Runner-up will get 1 lakh taka. In addition, a contestant will be awarded the prestigious "Professor Siddika Kabir Trophy" for nutrition.

-Reference: Kalerkantho and The Daily Star.